Suddenly Single!

Finding myself suddenly single at 30 was not the plan, I’d managed to coast through my 20’s in two long term relationships,pexels-photo-1449059 and really thought I was settled for life. However, when the relationship ended, I was thrown mercilessly into the sea that is dating in Ireland in your 30’s. The last time I ‘dated’ I was about 15, and it consisted of a friend going up to some guy and going ‘Will you meet my friend?’ with a quick shift around the back of the local church, and you found yourself with a boyfriend. I’d never been on an actual date… I had no idea what Tinder really was, or how you met men. In fact, last time I was ‘dating’, it wasn’t about meeting men… it was boys! There was so much to learn, to think about, where do you meet eligible men? How do you know if they are interested? What do you talk about? What do you wear? What are the rules on sleeping with them? Will they respect you in the morning… will you respect them in the morning? How do you escape a bad date?

It’s a complete minefield that I’m still trying to traverse… and I’m hoping this blog will take you through the highs, lows and utter ridiculousness of dating in Ireland! I’m also beyond interested in hearing about everyone else’s stories! Feel free to pop me an email and tell me all about the good, the bad and the ugly of your dating life, and if you’re game, I might even include it as a post ❤


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