Safety first – online dating and Kink

So I’ve mentioned before that I have some friends in weird and wonderful alternative lifestyles, and one of those lifestyles is the kink community (a.k.a BDSM). All this means for me is that it’s something that I have a reasonable amount of knowledge on (far from an expert) and respect for, for you, it means … Continue reading Safety first – online dating and Kink

How do I know if they like me?!?

I’ve finally gotten back out there after the rebound incident, and I’ve started to notice a trend to my dating. Most of the dates that I’ve been on have originated from apps (if anyone out there has figured out a less tech heavy way of dating, please tell me!) and I’ve found it impossible to … Continue reading How do I know if they like me?!?

Online Dating – Zero degrees of separation

So I’ve finally branched out on my internet dating, and I’ve gone and joined Plenty of Fish alongside Tinder. A colleague recently informed me, whilst many drinks in, that Tinder is for getting laid and Plenty of Fish is for finding a relationship, and ladies and gentlemen, I think after 18 months of singledom, it … Continue reading Online Dating – Zero degrees of separation

The first dating disaster!

A shorter post this week, though one of my more memorable dating experiences. After my short-lived relationship with ‘The Ghoster’, which in hindsight probably constituted a rebound, I got back on the horse (or should that be under it… oh god… no, maybe not) and headed straight back to Tinder. Given recent experiences, this time … Continue reading The first dating disaster!