The first dating disaster!

A shorter post this week, though one of my more memorable dating experiences. After my short-lived relationship with ‘The Ghoster’, which in hindsight probably constituted a rebound, I got back on the horse (or should that be under it… oh god… no, maybe not) and headed straight back to Tinder. Given recent experiences, this time I was going to look for a more mature individual. This gave rise to a mutual swipe with a nice gentleman, slightly older than myself, with a lovely Irish name. I’ve always had a little bit of a grá (love in Irish) for gaeilgeoirí (Irish speaking individuals) so that was definitely a big part of the attraction. I’ve also realised that I had a very specific type of man. I like tall, broad, beardy men, who made me feel little. There’s a bit of a trend on Tinder of men putting their height up, and this guy noted his height, which was a few inches taller than me.

After a quick introductory message, he asked if I’d be interested in meeting for a drink. This was new, up until now anyone I’d matched with initiated a lengthy chat before suggesting a meeting. However, I decided I’d go along with it. A lot of people just aren’t into the text messaging thing. At this point, I should note that you should always be very careful meeting someone from the interwebs for the first time.

Keeping my safety in mind, I made plans to meet the him in The Black Sheep (my inner hipster self keeps getting out) and ensured that I arrived about 15 minutes early to check the place out and grab a good seat. I sat and ordered myself a gin. About 20 minutes later my date arrived. The first thing I’d noticed was that he had exaggerated his height… by quite a bit. I was willing to let this go, however, it then turned out that he’d also misled me on his name. He was a nice man from Northern Spain, rather than a gaeilgeoir. We proceeded to try and make conversation for an hour, and it turned out that we had nothing in common. He very nicely walked me to the bus, and I said a goodbye.

Over the next few days, he sent me a good 20 messages, however, and I’m a little ashamed of this, I ghosted him. In my defence, he’d entirely misrepresented himself. From this dating disaster I learned the following;

  • If someone suggests a meeting before ever having an actual conversation, be on your guard.
  • People on the internet can be anybody, always keep your safety in mind.
  • Ghosting happens, sometimes you are the ghoster, sometimes the ghostee. Its better if you use your courage and politely say you aren’t interested!
  • Lots of men really don’t understand what an inch actually is…
  • The Black Sheep is an excellent place for a first date!

This was the first, but not last, terrible date I’d had through the online world, but I still wouldn’t change it. It’s all a learning curve!

Next week, given the season that is, I’ll tell you all about my New Years eve date last year! In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your worst first dates in the comments below!


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